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Partner for Economic Change | Growth Campaign

Growth Campaign

Why Partner for Economic Change? | Our Story

Support Ugandan Entrepreneurs

TingaTinga started in 2010 because a few guys had some deep convictions about how Americans can best help people in the third world climb their own way out of poverty.  Today, those convictions are more genuine and passionate than ever, and we’ve proven a real model that actually works – but the depth of our own pockets is limited, and we can’t grow without your support.

We’re reaching out to our communities to come alongside us and join this fight.  We’re asking people – you – to consider what you can do to make this little reality a bigger one.  Our goal is to become sustainable as an organization so eventually we, like the entrepreneurs we support in the developing world, won’t rely on donations and hand-outs to run this show.  We’re heading in that direction, but to get there, we need to put a considerable amount of capital to work so that the income we make from our investments can cover our minimal operating costs.

The goal: in 2013, we need to raise $100,000 to do three things.

What three things?

First, we need to hire a full-time director.  Right now, the team is working nights and weekends to make TingaTinga a reality – we love it, and we’ll do it as long as we have to because we believe in the results we’re seeing, but we think we can be so much better with a paid, full-time resource dedicated to growth.

Second, we need to send that director around the world a few times to scope out more high-character, talented, and under-resourced entrepreneurs with a vision for restoring brokenness in their communities.  Flights aren’t free, so we need funding to make it happen.

Third, and most importantly, we want to keep investing real money into real people with real dreams that otherwise wouldn’t have a chance in the world at getting their ideas off the ground.  The majority of the capital we raise will be allocated directly to investing in the restorative vision of third-world entrepreneurs.

Your role as an investor: vote.

join_iconWe don’t just want your money, we want you to partner with us. To make that partnership tangible, you need to have a say in how things run at TingaTinga.  We have important decisions to make about whom to fund and where to go, and we value your input in that decision-making process.  At critical crossroads, we’re going to reach out to you, our members, to help us discern a proper course of action.

The voting rights will be distributed between the board (51%) and you, our partner (49%).  Partners will receive one vote for every $5 of funding donated through automatic monthly subscription.

Make it happen.

We want people to partner with us who are passionate about doing great things and passionate about spurring real change in the lives of those stuck under the burden of poverty. If this sounds like you, please consider partnering with us. And, as always, if you have any questions, please contact us.

Donations are fully tax deductible, as TingaTinga is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your data will be transmitted securely through PayPal.

You can also mail a check to us at the following address:

7311 Whipple Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15218