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Supporting Entrepreneurship in Uganda | About Tinga Tinga Capital



TingaTinga from Wanted Films on Vimeo.

At TingaTinga Capital, we believe the intersection of resourcefulness, courage and piety is the starting point for great things. Yet in the developing world, these types of highly talented people with smart plans continually falter, finding themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty that makes real opportunity an unreachable goal. We keep seeing high-potential individuals with great business plans failing miserably. In places stuck in poverty and full of turmoil, opportunity is an unreachable goal.

That’s where we come in.

Bring Hope through Ugandan Entrepreneurs

We identify good people and good ideas in the developing world and through start-up capital and coaching, we enable visionaries to create profitable, sustainable enterprises that help their communities flourish. We are the bridge that helps them get from point A to B. Think of “Tingatinga,” which means “bridge” in Swahili, as less a Golden Gate Bridge and more of wooden plank over a small stream. Though we are small, we help people where others do not as they bridge the gap between their dreams and reality. That’s us.

“Tingatinga” means “bridge” in Swahili. Here, it’s less a Golden Gate Bridge and more a wooden plank over a muddy stream, but it still lets someone get from A to B. That’s us. We like identifying good people and good ideas in the developing world. With start-up capital and coaching, we’re enabling visionaries to create profitable, sustainable enterprises that help communities to flourish.

Philanthropy restores hope to Uganda

The TingaTinga story starts in 2007, when our team first traveled to Uganda, in East Africa, full of naïve ambition to change the world. But, after a few close calls with danger drove Dave and Dan to voluntarily sleep in the same single bed all night and with the lights on, it quickly became evident that eradicating poverty wasn’t going to be easy.

So, the rest of that summer was spent getting to know local college kids: engineers, businessmen, educators, computer geeks… all “in the making”, but still remarkably talented and ripe with ideas. By the end of the summer, we had heard a handful of compelling business proposals designed to generate economic profits and benefit the community at large. We were intrigued, but with our empty pockets, the best we could do was part ways and stay in touch.

Using Entrepreneurship to bring hope to uganda

Over three years, we refined our business model and cultivated those relationships. In 2010, we visited Uganda again. Further captivated by the massive opportunity and potential, we took steps towards making TingaTinga Capital a reality.

In 2011, we made our first official funding to an entrepreneur that we met over four years prior. You can find the inspiring story here.  Encouraged by the success of this early venture, we are forging ahead, looking to help others bridge the gap as they begin to lift themselves from poverty.